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fall sunflowers
The Painting Process

I start most of my work (except the goddess series) with a sketch
on paper or canvas, and sometimes preliminary thumbnail sketches
for composition details. Thumbnails are literally very small
drawings, often several on one piece of paper.  I work mostly from
my own original photographs, but when that is not possible I refer
to several resources to get a feeling for the subject.

Initial washes of color begin to flesh out the painting, with layer
building upon layer to create a three-dimensional quality. Often
very electric colors in the early washes are toned down with
progressive layers of paint, but they still shine from the depths of
the piece upon completion.

Some artists will work from one corner of the piece and down and
across, creating a finished work as they go. I have always preferred
to let the composition build slowly, and this allows for some
left-turns and creative epiphanies in the process.

Tones and highlights are adjusted as the painting nears completion,
and sometimes washes of gold or silver burnish the completed