“I've followed Judith HeartSong's art for six years. Her perseverance has been inspiring and has resulted in
vibrant art which speaks deeply of a woman's enlightenment and experience, her determination to find
beauty in this life.”   Theresa Williams author of
The Secret of Hurricanes, a Novel
“I have purchased several pieces of art  from Judith. They are outstanding. The attention to color and detail is
amazing. Judith's work makes me feel happy and everyone that views her pieces hanging in my office feels the
same way. She creates happiness. I consider myself fortunate to own two of her pieces.
  Beth Irving, Attorney
at Law
“From the moment I became involved with VisArts, Judith became a trusted colleague, and her creativity and
intelligence comes across in everything she does, be it on her canvas or in her communication and marketing.
Judith's art jumps right out at you, and, while it is impressive with electronic images, you should see it in
person! To those lucky enough to have Judith Heartsong as a friend or colleague, we benefit from her loyalty,
commitment and creative engagement.”   Sam Agger, Businessman and Fundraiser
“Judith is warm, friendly and encouraging. She is incredibly thorough and detail oriented. She is a pleasure to
work with, and to be around.”   Colleen Henderson, Owner, Henderson Fine Art
“Judith is a wonderful artist. Her paintings are colorful, fun and happy. Visarts would not really function
without her hard work. She is the first to sign up for committees. She does a wonderful job promoting Visarts
through her PR efforts, organizing events and the resident artists..She is always professional, generous,
helpful, and cheerful.”   Kathie Perry Lynch, Artist
“Judith is a total pro, and I sought her out as an expert for an interview on ArtsyShark.com. She is a talented
artist with a great portfolio, and also knows the corporate art consulting business well. It was a pleasure to
present Judith as a successful artist for my readers who want to launch their art careers. I would recommend
her highly.” Carolyn Edlund, Bogger/Artist Advocate, Artsy Shark
“Judith HeartSong was a vital part of the global project A Book About Death, contributing both beautiful art
work and supporting the exhibition with intelligence, guidance and a financial contribution. Like her artwork,
Judith puts everything into her projects. A joy to work with and have on any team.”   Matthew Rose,
“I enjoyed visiting Judith's website. Her series of "The Women" are filled with light and spirit. She is truly a
talented artist with an interesting collection of well crafted and composed paintings.”    Laara Williamson,
“Judith is an exquisite artist whose work opens your eyes to look at the world with a fresh perspective. Her use
of multi-layered color and light is expansive. Her florals expand on the tradition of O'Keefe, and the series of
Goddess paintings is a rich exploration of the Divine Feminine. Judith's work is evocative, making you think
and feel.”   Cynthia Randolph, Blogger/Writer
“Judith has an eye for detail. Her work is big, bold and fun.”    Bonnie Sprung, Artist
“Judith is a wonderful addition to VisArts. Her paintings are truly outstanding and I urge everyone to come to
VisArts and see Judith's work on display!”   Debra Moser, Former Executive Director, VisArts at Rockville
“I have known Judith HeartSong for almost thirty years. Her artwork has been extraordinary, captivating and
has depicted each step in the journey of her life. She is an inspiration. Her natural talent reflects and captures
her passion and her keen ability to see the beauty in life. We could all learn from her example, and,
fortunately, we can all enjoy and appreciate her artwork.”    Barbara Kessler
“Trust her to create with passion and imagination. She is the most inspiring of people because she is a positive
force: indefatigable and genuine. Just when you think you know all about her, she unfolds another pedal of her
talent or personality. Always growing, creating, and evolving, she is the quintessential artist who happens to
have enriched my life for over thirty years.”    Mike Foley
“Four of Judith's paintings grace the walls in my home. She is not only a true talent, but a lovely person in
every aspect. The paintings I own are gloriously full of color, and yet have a soulful quality that I love. One of
my favorites "Gone But Not Forgotten" hangs in my office and I often find myself lost in the painting. Mostly
though, I am happy to say that Judi is one of my few "forever friends".”    Barbara Hooley
“Judith's work is an inspiration, the colors, the detail, the ideas. What's just as amazing though, is that Judith
herself is an inspiration. She has a wonderful capacity to encourage growth in all the people around her, and
appreciate the joy in her life. It's wonderful watching her work come alive, and seeing her appreciation of the
world, in her flowers, animals, and shells. Just as wonderful is seeing her appreciation in those little tiny
moments we have, kind visitors, children's amazement, and small treasured finds.”   Marieke Bier, Artist and
Web Designer, Alpine Butterfly
“I have bought one of Judith's beautiful creative pieces. I am always impressed with her exuberant use of color
and connection to the natural world. She is such a sweet and enthusiastic person, that I look forward to seeing
her in her studio at the Visual Arts Center on our forays into downtown Rockville. I love watching her
paintings develop - layer upon layer of new color and depth.”    Lisa Linske-O'Connell, Founder at LLO
“Judith has established herself as an exceptional artist - a gifted person who understands how to manage
professionalism and business while maintaining her warmth and persona. She is always on time, always
cheerful, and always willing to help.”   Missy Loewe, Director, Washington School of Photography, and
Founder/President, Visual Arts Consulting
“I have enjoyed Judith HeartSong's art for years. Our Arizona home is graced by her art. Doctor Allen and I
both enjoy her work. It is difficult for BOTH of us to agree on the same type of art, but she is the exception. Her
spirit is poured on each canvas and the choice of colors is perfection. ”   Anne Allen
“As an aritst I worked with Judith as she helped plan a large exhibition in a well established art center. I found
her a pleasure to work with and she was extremely well organized in collecting and managing over 100 works of
art from various artists. Her abililty to stay on top of multiple deadlines and details contributed to the success
of the event. ”   Eric Serritella Ceramic Artist, Owner, Eric Serritella Studio
“Judith is a fine artist who truly puts her heart and soul into her work. Her talents go far beyond her artistic
strengths, which are numerous. She is highly organized, intelligent, hard working, conscientious, marketing
savvy and most importantly, a very nice person.”    Alan Sislen, Owner, Sislen Fine Art Photography
“Judith did a fantastic job exposing The Art of Tea Exhibit at Vis Arts to the web community. Judith was a
most excellent link between the artists and the venue. Hats off to you, Judith.”   Cliff Lounsbury, Artist at
“Judith worked tirelessly organizing one of VisArts most successful art programs, The Art of Tea. She
identified an amazing group of artists who were represented in the show. The event was both successful AND
fun!”   Phyllis Bresler, President and CEO, PW Communications, Inc.
“Judith directed a fundraising event of which I was a part. She did an amazing job of presenting the material
beautifully, communicating with participants, and producing the results in a very timely manner. I would
recommend her for any project.”   Ellen Grenadier, Owner, Grenadier Pottery
“I first met Judith at a Friday art open house at VisArts in Rockville, Maryland. She warmly welcomed me and
every other visitor to her studio and related delightful stories about her long career in art, her research and
work in progress, and her ideas for new work. Her big, bold and beautifully executed paintings, her custom
work in particular, caught my eye, and I decided to follow up the next week by asking Judith for a meeting to
talk about licensing an image of one of her acrylics to my business, Transformational Threads.

Judith is a savvy business professional who gives a lot of attention to promoting and marketing her art. If she
has questions, she takes time to become informed so that she can respond appropriately. She understands very
well the business side of art -- the part of an art career that many artists dislike and either fail to learn or
ignore. She welcomes opportunities that open the door to prospective new purchasers and appreciators of her
work, always with an eye to ensuring the integrity and maintaining the quality of her art.

When I sent her an e-mail requesting a get-together, Judith responded promptly and we made arrangements
to meet and talk about my licensing business. Subsequently, we exchanged additional information to which
Judith gave careful and thoughtful consideration, and we later signed an agreement. Judith licensed her
gorgeous "Peacock (Crimson)" to Transformational Threads and the limited-edition embroidered rendering of
that image -- what is called a thread painting -- became available through my small company at the start of

Our association did not end with the signed licensing agreement. Judith works with me to market and promote
the thread painting via her wonderfully informative newsletter and daily blog, includes additional
information on her Website, and continues to keep on hand for visitors to her studio a supply of
Transformational Threads business cards, postcards, and brochures bearing the Peacock image. I have also
done a lengthy interview with Judith that I published on my blog, Writing Without Paper, as an All Art Friday
Special Edition. Again, seeing the potential of exposure, Judith noted the published interview in her blog and
newsletter and includes on her Website a link to the post.

Judith, as I've come to learn, is a tireless encourager and promoter of other artists she knows and does a lot of
work on behalf of VisArts, making it one of the most successful arts centers I've visited. She's involved in many
events there (such as workshops), giving the gift of time and resources that benefit all of the center's artists.
Highly organized, a person who always follows through, deeply knowledgeable about and completely devoted to
making art, Judith is a delight to work with. I am proud of my business relationship with Judith and of our
friendship.”    Maureen Doallas, Owner, Transformational Threads